Windsong Farm Wedding & Events Engagement Session - Burns, TN - Mackenzie & Jason

April 16th, 2024

Just recently, I had the pleasure of joining an adorable couple, Mackenzie and Jason, at the idyllic locale of Windsong Farm Wedding and Events for a pre-wedding engagement photo session in Burns, TN. The couple had chosen the same location for their upcoming fall wedding and wanted to preface the big day with a few poignant snaps in the familiar surroundings.

Our day started out at the barn, a rustic and charming backdrop that lent itself beautifully to the couple's love story. The weathered barn wood, and the surrounding expanses of greenery added a sense of warmth and nostalgia to the photographs. The couple's smiles were radiant and their love for each other, palpable.


As the day unfolded, we moved away from the barn and ventured towards the beautiful oak grove, where a tranquil pond offered another picturesque setting for the photos. The oak trees, their branches stretching out to the sky, created a canopy of shade over the pond, while the sunlight filtering through the leaves gave the entire scene a soft, dreamy glow. The reflections in the calm waters of the pond cast an enchanting spell, creating the perfect ambiance for the couple to share some tender moments, which were captured in the lens.

After taking a few shots by the pond, we decided to explore the surrounding woods. Wandering through the forest, the couple hand in hand, the rustling leaves underfoot and the sunlight peeping through the tall trees created an intimate atmosphere, resulting in some of my favorite shots of the day. The couple's playful laughter echoed through the woods, their happiness infectious.

The session ended on the patio, but the journey of Mackenzie and Jason was just beginning. Their love story, captured in the frame, will be a delightful prelude to their upcoming fall wedding in the same enchanting location. Their engagement session was a perfect blend of love, laughter, and anticipation for the beautiful journey that lies ahead.

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